kortsarioen ostatua

dani fano eta guillermo gonzalez

You wonder if this is the story of a galactic inn. A very far-off galaxy which, right now, is very close: at the foot of Urgull hill. It could also be Pasaia, Bermeo or Ziburu. You choose. It’s also obvious that the stories are just that: they’re so impossible. Things like that could never happen in reality. That’s why corsairs’ stories take place on dry land. It was a corsair’s lifestyle back then. Not easy. That’s why it’s to be expected that obscenities and myths start and grow in bars. When it comes down to it, being a corsair wasn’t the first choice, which is something that often happens. It was the only option.


neguko egunerokoa

paul auster

Obviously, when it came to writing about his life Paul Auster couldn’t just write a standard diary. In this winter diary he tells us about an accident he had as a child; his first sexual experience, which was with a prostitute; a car crash he and his wife were in; being introduced to Jean-Louis Trintignante in Arles; his experiences in Paris; descriptions of the 21 rooms he lived in before reaching his current home... Auster could only write an Auster-style diary.


de rerum nature 6

zaldie roa

Zaldieroa has probably been the most reliable historian over the last decade. This Iruñea artist interprets reality sharply and with affection. Santi Leoné gives a good explanation of why it’s worth reading De Rerum Naturak: 1- To have the complete collection. 2- Because it’s poetic. 3- Because it’s political. 4- To be greater snobs. 5- Because it’s generous. 6- Because you don’t need any special reason to enjoy this book.


veinticuatro horas en la vida de una mujer

stefan zweigt

In this story, which takes place at a spa, a widow tells the story of 24 hours she lived through long in the past to the young person who guides us through the story. It all happened long ago. She had fallen in love with a man younger than her. She was so much in love that she was prepared to leave her husband and children. The story is an amazing description, from a woman’s point of view, of desire and the wish for freedom from the suffocating society and family life of the start of the 20th century.