trading cards 11- Chang and Eng    They were born in Me Klong, a small town in Siam kingdom (today's Thailand) in May 11, 1811. They were born joined at the ribs.

According to town's customs and believes, they had to be sacrificed in public to frighten the devil away. Their parents, named them Chang and Eng and kept them home.

In 1829, they were embarked in a ship and taken to Boston. They started working in the famous Barnum Circus.

After travelling around the world, they settled down in North Carolina and adopted a new name: Bunker.

Chang and Eng settled on a plantation, bought slaves, and were accepted as respected members of the community.

At the age of 44, they married two sisters: Sallie and Adelaide Yates. Chang had 11 children and Eng had 10.

Their wives didn't get along with each other and decided to live in separate houses. Chang and Eng moved from one house to the other.

During the American Civil War Chang's and Eng's sons fought for the Confederacy.

They died at the age of 63 within 3 hours of each other.