street dance by goat
The Goat Longboards Project kicked off in 2011 with the aim of making bamboo boards for leisure and competition. The whole process of making a board takes place at their factory in Lesaka, and each board is the result of many hours of work by the people in Goat in collaboration with their team riders. One of Goat’s main objectives is to spread the culture of longboards to as many different areas as they can. They work together with many different collectives, organise courses as well as top level competitions. In Bera, for instance, they offer classes to all interested first-timers, and they hold the Ibardin Longboard Fest every year. Roads are closed for two days and fans get a great chance to enjoy downhill freeriding.

argazkiak / photos by: unai bellamy instagram: goatlongboards twitter: goatlongboards