elur bustia

pello lizarralde

We’re in luck. Pello Lizarralde has come back with a new piece of work. The characters in the novel (‘Wet Snow’) don’t know about the past or the future. We are only going to nd out about Ramiro’s present, told to us in that particular style of Lizarralde’s. There is not a word too many and, at the same time, there are precise descriptions, and this latest book is full of nuances. It isn’t a long book, but you have to read it slowly and savour each word, each sentence. Because Lizarralde’s work, like wet snow, is of greater weight that it looks


Eta galtzen bagara zer?

egoitz zelaia

Proximity. That is what this book brings me. The subjects, places, situations, characters... we know what they are where they are, when we came across them and their faces. Closeness in language, too. In fact, the language helps us throughout the plot: modern, light, urban, direct. You can also detect Bertsolaritza techniques in the word play, but it’s sharp rather than sickly, and the rhythm’s like a woodpecker from the start: peck-peck-peck...
So Zelaia’s written 8 short stories or a novel, or two loops, or 8 short stories, ora novel and two loops. It’s his rst book; may it not be his last.


la piel del asfalto

itziar eizagirre

As the title (‘asphalt skin’) suggests, most of the poems in Itziar Eizagirre’s book have an urban touch. But you wouldn’t classify this as “urban poetry”. Natural landscapes and reindeer also have a place in her poems. What Eizagirre talks about in her poems feels close-by. Probably a matter of generations. A 20-year old poet couldn’t write these poems. Life feeds life. This collection is beautiful and humble at the same time, published in plaquette format.


mr señora

oier guillan

In this volume of comics, Peeters, who we so much admire, brings together his work for magazines over recent years. At the start of the book he talks about the reason for writing things: “Really, I could have revised some of these stories to stop them from looking so aged, but, as my grandfather used to say, things have to be accepted up to the last consequences. And you should know that my grandfather committed suicide. One of this table’s legs may be shorter than the others, but if I shortened the others to get a balance, it wouldn’t be the same table.” Enjoy it.