guerrilla art kit

keri smith. princenton architectural press

A beautiful book based on the fusion between street-art and activism. It’s a book made for those who interpret streets as a shop window; full of ideas and techniques. As it says on the cover, the book is not made to make any profit out of it, but to have fun and at the same time, dominate the world. We agree with these three declarations, and this joyful book makes it clear that the “guerrilla” actions described are available for anyone.


animalario universal del profesor revillod


An original and creative work. In this “Animalario” issue each sheet of paper is divided in three parts and after covering one, the animal appears in a new combination. This way, one has the chance to create animals that are completely weird. If you want to be Dr. Moreau, you will not need to buy an island. Get a hold of the Revillodth animalario.


euskal herri imaginario baten alde

santi leone.elkar

We have enjoyed the reading of a book that requires some irony and varied “second readings”. Mainly because it does not do any propaganda and it is not biased. And because it offers complete and interesting analysis of history and identity. It is not often fair to summarize a book in a sentence, but we would like to emphasize a phrase that comes out of an interview with the writer: “maybe we should remember that all nations are invented and we should proclaim our right to imagine ours, not based on certain special characteristics of ours but on the country’s free will.”


sound bites

alex capranos

He has gone around the world with his band (Franz Ferdinand) and has written a book. It does not sound like an original thing to do: another singer talking about his parties, and his hotel and groupie nonsense… But Alex Kapranos has completed a book on stories he collected in different towns; stories and anecdotes related to different gastronomies he found on his way. New York, Buenos Aires, Glasgow, Sidney, Milan, Osaka, Hong Kong, Zagreb... and among those cities, the eating habits of San Sebastian and its old part of the city...