fresa y chocolate

aurelia aurita. ponent mon

It’s the first comic book by Federic Boilet’s partner. It could be defined as a sexual autobiographical comic on the life of this couple in their Tokyo apartment. The drawing style is naïf and playful. Frederic’s bed partner Aurelia Aurita uses same type of erotic poetry but she tells of their sexual adventures in Tokyo with a refreshing nakedness that lacks neither detail or humour. Wonderfully enjoyable!


si te comes un limon sin hacer muecas

sergí pamies. anagrama

Short stories. Microscopic. The microscopic angle allows the narrations get straight to the heart of things in these stories. With little detail and very bare character description, we are still able to identify with the characters who pop up as we read along. Their fears, reflections and perversities are the very same as our own.


atabala eta euria

joseba sarrionaindia. elkar

Readers of the balde know that we don’t talk about imposed fads or novelties as far as books are concerned. What we read and like, we write about. Why have we chosen Atabala eta Euria? Because it’s a collection of wonderful stories and what the book contains. The author himself states the following in the epilogue: “I don’t think the verb "desarrazoitu" (to unreason) exists in the Basque language. Yet just as we use the word "arrazoi" (reason) and the verb "arrazoitu" (to reason), we should also use "desarrazoitu". To me, literature is a way of "unreasoning". We should "unreason" literature, if we do not wish to remain slaves to money and the public institutions. This "unreasoning" will enable us to avoid our literature becoming bourgeois and another tool in the hands of public servants who wish to justify and reason everything.“ We should take this approach to literature and to all other aspects of our lives.



frederic boilet ego comme x

Elles. Girls, women, the feminine. French comic book artist Federic Boilet, inventor of the nouvellemanga genre, gathers his work on women in this book. Structured in the form of a book of fairy tales, he focuses attention on his subject in different styles and directions, yet he always includes his trademark eroticism and poetry. We found Elles in Paris and we certainly won’t be lending it to anybody. This is the type of book that never gets returned.