trading cards 5- Joey Dunlop    Joey Dunlop was born in the village of Ballymoney in Northern Ireland in the year 1952.

His first motorbike was a 250cc Triumph Tiger Cub. He paid fifty pounds for it.

He first took part in the Isle of Man Bike Race in 1976, the very same year the race, due to how dangerous it was, lost its category as a Grand Prix race. Joey won 26 races in the Isle of Man. All experts agree that the only person capable of beating that record is some type of super alien with petrol for blood.

In that first race in 1976 he began by taking the lead but soon let the second-placed driver by as he didn’t know the course. He followed him around the course for the whole race and didn’t want to over take as they came up the flag. This led him to be known by the nickname "King of the roads". He won the race the following year.

Joey collected money and organised events in favour of childcare centres in Albania, Romania an Bosnia... always in pubs. He loved to go on the lash, and many a time he went straight from the pub to his caravan to get his bikes ready and straight onto the race without having time to take a spin around the course in order to see in first hand before the race.

At the age of 48, in a race in Tallinn, Estonia, he came of the road in a race he was leading and crashed headlong into a tree.

His wife Linda and their five sons and daughters were accompanied by 70,000 people at his funeral.