dragon’s wings    In order to defend their land from foreigners, the Chinese began to build a fence following the commands of Qin dinasty’s first emperor. Maintaining foreigners at the other side of the fence was the commander’s main goal for a thousand years. On the contrary, today, Emperor Qin’s successors are doing the opposite. Trying to attract foreigners to China, they are building the new century’s most important architectonic piece: Beijing’s airport. Once they are finished (it will be finished by next year’s Olympic Games which are taking place in China), it will be the world’s biggest and most advanced airport. Norman Foster & Partners British architects’ studio has designed this airport in the form of a gigantic dragon.
Airports have always been at the top of “non-spaces” lists. We have often heard that no matter where they are, airports are always the same. This statement is not always true. Somehow, airports are always a country’s mirror. When building the new airport and thinking of its future functioning, Foster’s project has bet on a sostained development systems to lessen as much as possible all emissions of carbon, panels to take advantage of natural light, windows that will sustitute the air conditioning,... That is what the studio of this architect, Queen Elizabeth’s Sir, is selling. Chinese working capacity, once more, seems scary to us (as well as Chinese working conditions). They started building the airport barely three years ago and according to the project, next year it will receive 43 million people.
Beijing’s new airport reminds us of “Blade Runner” and “Ghost in the Shell”. Almost without noticing it science fiction has become true. No doubt aliens will choose Beijing airport as the place to land whenever they decide to come.