trading cards 3- charley pride    (Bill Cosby has the same sweater) Charley Pride was born on March 18, 1938, in Sledge, Missisipi, into a sharecropping family with 11 children.

Drawn to the radio music of Hank Williams, he acquired a Sears Roebuck guitar and taught himself to play at age 14.

Pride played in the Negro Leagues for some time, it became clear he was not going to be a major league ballplayer, he turned to music.

In 1966, Charley's first single, "The Snakes Crawl at Night", hit the airwaves. He went on tour in support of the single and made a public appearance at a show in Detroit. When Charley stepped on stage he was greeted with loud applause, which got lower and lower in volume until near silence as most of the audience began to make the realization that he was a black country singer.

He has been married to Rozene since 1956, and they have three children.

His biography “Pride”, revealed that he was diagnosed with manic depression.

He works out each year in the pre-season with the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Charley Pride is the second biggest selling artist on the RCA label after Elvis Presley.