audio arkaitz villar


Gaztelupeko Hotsak 2006

This is an album that gathers Rafa Rueda, Petti and Txuma Murugarren. A live concert in the Plateruena, in Durango that now we can all enjoy in our homes. Each of them sing a song and “Gaua eta kea” together. The most remarkable songs are “Han dena errazagoa izango da beti” with Jon Benito’s lyrics and Txuma’s music and Petti’s “Txomin Iantziren kantua”. This is an album that stays short. Not because is has bad music, but because you feel you want to listen to more.


first aid kit

First·Closer records 2006

First Aid Kit is a couple from Barcelona. They propose an innovating reading of pop music with a smooth electronic base. Painful structures that could turn to be fragile and mix our body and merge into our soul. You will get tangled in the melodies lead by Agnés Arana’s voice. Carles Querol is responsible for the rhythm and sounds and there are many fragile structures and emotion changes in songs like “Still on fire”.


the long blondes

Someone To Drive You Home·Sinnamon records 2006

This is one of the freshest albums that I have recently listened to. This band comes from Sheffield and they have influences from The Human League and Pulp. With the singer Kate Jackson, they are able to do interesting songs like “Once and never again” or “Weekend without makeup”. Pop rhythm from the 80’s and the perfect dose of punk rock from the 70’s. They have become one of the most interesting proposals from Great Britain . No wonder after recording with Steve Mackey (former Pulp member and MIA producer)


royal canal

Sail with Lord Alebic·Noiz Pop records 2006

Royal Canal is Iñigo Cabezafuego’s new project. Before, he was a member of Basque Country Pharaons and Mermaid and nowadays, he is a member of Atom Rhumbako. He had some musicians from El Columpio Asesino or Green Manalishi on this album that smells of rum and pirates. Good songs to sing with friends in a bar, close to a fire, those close to The Pogues.



Indiosincrásica·Cosas Primo 2006

This is a project By Guille, member of Cosas Primo company. He created many songs with his acoustic guitar and in order to record them, he made samples of the drums of bands like: Fugazi, Joe Division, Beach Boys edo The Jesus & Mary Chain. You heard the result on TV in a commercial of a famous communication group. These are songs to chill out, seven in all. Besides, there is an exclusive design that makes it more attractive. There are few copies, so you have to hurry up. More info:


memoriaren mapan

Ruper Ordorika·Elkar 2006

Ruper keeps the same way. He didn’t record an album that the market demanded, but one that came from within. And that is something to applaud in these days when the marketing prevails. This album is much simpler than the previous one, with less instruments and that is something that demands more effort from the audience. But, those who make that approchement process, they will surely submerge on the maps that Ruper’s music and Sarri’s lyrics create.