navarrorum tabula k.e.

Gastronomy is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, it seems people find any kind of excuse to create a product related to gastronomy. There is a general need to relate gastronomy with other activities. After having said this, we want to comment Tabula. We have to add this newspaper-like magazine, dedicated to the egg and the cod, to those existing net and interesting ones. It is lighter in content and form and with the same quality and taste. Bon apetit!


pololoak: poxpoliñaren bahiketa

patxi gallego. elkar

Xabinaitor, as well as any other hero, has doubts: a fight between his social duties and his personal desires. We love Xabinaitor because, while American super heroes choose the first one, he chooses the second one. What he has between his legs is who leads, like many of us. He chooses love. We emphasize the triumph of the comic over the text, contrary to what happened on the first chapter.


odol hotzean

truman capote. itzultzailea: xabier olarra. igela

We would say this is the summit of novel noir of the 20th century if the story that is being told wasn’t based on a murder that happened in real life. It has been defined as a journalistic account that has the power of a novel. Capote started a new style source with this work. A whole familyhas been violently murdered. Capote is sent to do the account of the event. This is the moment when the journey chronicle that goes beyond the events start. We won’t tell no more because this is a book that one needs to discover himself. Indispensable.


ali the first raper

george lois. taschen

Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali is famous for being the most successful boxer in the media. We were tempted to write that he was also famous for being good, but such an statement would not be fair for boxers such as Joe Louis, Dempsey and Jack Jhonson. We have often heard that Ali isthe most important boxer. However, nobody noticed that he was the first rapper in history. George Lois proved this in his wonderful and original book. Muhammad Ali’s sentences, the rhythm of his writings and puns show us that we are in front of the first rapper. Indispensable for those who love boxing, literature, rap and good books.