joik singers among rockers kristina goikoetxea   liet ynternasjonaal: minoritary language “Eurovision” festival. “Gulát go, dan luodi mii njáhkala”, can you hear Joik shouting? This is the beginning of Sami, the song that won the Liet Ynternasjonaal 2006 contest. On this music contest, á la “Eurovision”, songs are not in English but in minoritarian languages: frisier, Gaelic, Breton, Laponian (sami), Friulic, Basque and Catalan. No matter how many people speak these languages! Votic language in Estonia is just spoken by 60 people. The votic rockers on the stage are probably relatives. People from Man island thought their Gaelic language was dead, but they resurrected the language through some recordings that they found and on this festival, the band Moot showed this mixing electronic music with this language. The most spectacular ones were the gypsies, singing in their Romani language. They brought the music of the movies of Kusturica to Sweden.

In order to participate on this Festival, your music needs to be special and this singularity cannot just be based on language. The proposal needs to be special too. Maybe because of this, rockers were not that successful on this 2006 event. Gari, the representative of the Basque Country was one of these. Joik seemed an “irrintzi” to the jury, although the lyrics were the same all the event. Sami won for the third time. If you want to listen to all the songs, go to and you will find the instructions to participate on 2007’s LietYnternasjonaal. It seems it will take place in Aquitania, Finland or Galiza. Be ready to listen to more joik.