zabormila    Zabormila is an initiative that shows the informality of the visitors in Gobeia. In Zabormila, garbage becomes part of the ecosystem in the natural area of Gorbeia. Suddenly, batteries, plastic bags and cans become inhabitants of the microcosms. And in a way, this is true, because the environment cannot be understood without garbage.

If we move away from the pamphlet viewpoint, we realize that garbage is also a natural element. Garbage is not a new extra- terrestrial material. The problem is not if it is natural or not; there is another problem: the quantity, management, being biodegradable...

In Zabormila, we can find together the garbage that human being throw conscious or unconsciously and the grass and flowers that grow in the mountain. This helps us to underline the above and denounces our poor skill when enjoying nature in a new, beautiful and attractive way. You can Zabormila on the Internet where air, grass and water are electronic impulses: