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klik...klik...klik...    When we travel, we like to forget that we are tourists. we feel the need for discovery and once we realise that's impossible, we use our cameras to take photographs that will cause us that sensation. We try and capture "The Real Thing" - or what we think that to be - on film. Unlike our eyes, our cameras can wipe away any vestiges of civilisation. Our objective: to capture, save and show whatever we have imagined we would find before we even start our journey.
And in this way, we repeatedly fall into the same old useless trap of rediscovering what has so many times been already discovered. We add our contributions to the stiff tomes of photographs of sad-faced children with runny snotty noses...

Probably the most enriching thing we can do today is to stop pretending we're some 19th Century explorer, accept that Corto Maltes is a fictional character and approach things from a contemporary angle. What we leave out of reach of our camera lens is often the most exciting discovery. The most interesting and innovative images are precisely those which adopt that approach. See the world as it is and not as it is represented in travel magazines and in documentaries made by tourist boards. That's when we'll really start to discover things.