pieces of you aimar arriola   I  elssie ansareo “Staring at the distorted reflection in the looking glass showing the person who you could be. You are lost in the perfect stage, custom made, and you stare up looking for an answer. Wake up and walk towards the end to only then realize that the journey has just began. You think of the early times that marked what is to come while you’re still fighting that blurred image so distant from reality. Printed memories in the fading colours of a fleeting moment, they get in the way of your mended heart. The light at the end of the corridor, a helping hand behind your best look, the garments that meets your needs. Now you stop pretending and suddenly realize who you should be. You’re ahead on me and I just can’t believe that you don’t know that I’m only pieces of you.”

all clothes by: sin patron ( :: )
models: aitor sanchéz (wanted) and bero