sua nahi, mr. churchill?

koldo izagirre. susa

We asked a friend of The Balde about the last book of Koldo Izagirre. In the next few days, we got these words in our email: “While the famous Creole writers seem to be lost in the road from the Basque Town to the Basque City, Izagirre collects the stories that soil, get dirty, darken and sweat in Basque Harbour and offers them to us in excellent Basque and crude style. He makes high level literature without having to butter anybody up. Oroimenaren matxetea is worth being tattooed”. Note: Our friend is from Trintxerpe.


illussive: contemporary illustration and its context

die gestalten verlag

This elegant book comes about as a model and sample of illustration. Here, we find various types of illustrations divided into different categories and several interviews to some of the authors. Contrary to what was thought, the best days of illustration weren’t those without computers. Now we realize that we got over the innovating influence of computers in style and that there is another tool that each author uses according to his own will. No doubt the world of illustration is in a good shape.



egile ugari. ponent mon

This is a Japanese-French comic collection of short stories. The French turned their experiences into a comic and the Japanese chose topics that go from the daily routine to fantastic legends. This book is useful in order to get to know the non-topic Japan and for those who already know it, here you will find the reflection of daily tiny and simple details.


el amor es el infierno

matt groening. astiberri

Here comes the author of the famous series “The Simpsons”, away from big productions and with a comic written and drawn by him. Before “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, Matt Groening wrote the successful comic “Live is Hell”. He created it on his own and in 1980 he started to publish it in a newspaper in Los Angeles. Nowadays, more than 250 papers publish this comic. Now Matt Groening will carry on with this comic following some core topics, such as: the sharp and funny guide to love.