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tester    Tester is a decentralised collective project where different collaborators are involved at different levels and which is promoted by the Fundacion Rodriquez and backed by Arteleku. Tester was founded to produce and distribute artwork that stems from modern art and, above all, new technologies. The use of technology not only stimulates communication between the people involved in the Tester Project, but it also aims to distribute and make visible the projects and work of artists who aren’t a part of the usual circuit. In this way, the Tester Project has proven that all of these can work on both local and international levels. Tester is a network there to highlight the creative process and distribute the finished pieces of work. The creativity the Tester project is interested in is not a one directional affair and there are no limits as far as subject matter is concerned. A DVD of the latest work to come out of the project is to be released in the coming days. If you want to know more about the project, go to the following site: