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Artic Monkeys

Humbug·Domino records

While the British band's new record is a tad irregular, there are still some real gems to be found here. Artic Monkeys have certainly learned a lot about composition. Just take a look at “My Propeller” or “Cornerstore”. They’ve also managed to keep up their intensity as can be heard at the start of “Crying lighting”. Josh Homme, at the helms for a lot of the production, has captured a hypnotic, desert sound.



Break the funk·Auditory designs

Quite a dose of Funk and breakbeat on show here. Badboe come from Denmark. It mixes classic funk with contemporary scratch and break and the end result is “Break the funk”. It's very dynamic and really energetically alive. Jazz and Hip Hop influences can be clearly discerned and of the 15 tracks we'd specially point out “My Bad” and “Ease the funk”.


The Baker Brothers

Avid sounds

Another UK act for you. This lot mix soul and funk with guest artists like Vanessa Freeman. Hot funky rhythms on the likes of “Family tree”. On ”Shack up” they show they've quite a bit of groove as well while “Couldn’t get it right” shows their most serious side. The songwriting and arranging is all very classic so if you fancy a little jaunt down Memory Lane back to the 70s, this will be right up your street.



Ayrton Senna·Mushroom Pillow

The lads from Zarautz have gone and come up with a masterpiece with their latest EP. The successful “Deli” had leapt across borders before it reached our airwaves and now that big festivals and press from all over the world are after them. We really like “Moonson” and though the new songs tend towards the pop end of the spectrum, this is still a serious party record. They have the world at their feet, and dancing at that.


Dublex Inc.


Dublex Inc. have been pals of ours for a long time. This German collective has been responsible for the most interesting dialect of electronica and soul in the last decade. “Phoenix” is the clearest example of this. Recorded in Helsinki, Madrid, London, Jakarta and Berlin, this is wonderful lively Northern Soul. The presence of the voice above all the other instruments is very noticeable on this disk and this is why these Germans have been able to reach that extra dimension.



Souvenir·Sinnamon records

The song “Futuresex” opened up the doors to all the clubs and festivals in Spain to this four-piece from Barcelona. Their live performances became lively sweaty affairs. But they still didn't seem like the real deal. Well, that's been put to rest with their new record. They've come up with a new freshness to their sound, a mixture of funk, marked times and something like funktronik to dance along to.