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tokio blues

haruki murakami. tusquets

The novel of Murakami has been a boom since it was published. It got many and good reviews and special mentions among specialized media. It’s a wonderful book. However, it causes a double sensation. On one hand, it seems it breaks the Japanese topics because love, sex, death and loneliness appear quite strongly. On the other hand, and once the reading is over, one realizes that only a Japanese could have written that. Although it is quite crude, the Murakami’s novel is elegant. It has a cultivated style. And it is this style, this effort to keep the aesthetics what we think is Japanese.


japonés en viñetas

marc bernabé

There is no doubt that the proposal is very original and innovative. Manga comics are one of the most famous products that Japan exports. This book, with the nearness that creates between the comic and the reader, tries to teach basic Japanese. It also offers the reader the opportunity to get deeper into the Kanji graphics. Learning Japanese is a difficult task. With this Japanese in cartoons it is amusing, though.


zinema japoniarra

felipe rius. alberdania

The French created the films and have been trying to produce many different languages and techniques to express this creation. Americans turned it into a massive business. The Japanese made a mix with these two and started to create poetry with pictures. Felipe In this book, Rius shows the biography and works of 3 famous Japanese artists of the 20th century. Many pages have been written about Ozu, Mizoguchi and Kurosawa. However, we think the work of Rius is appropriate to have a first contact in an easy and entertaining way.



asel luzarraga. elkar

Luzarraga’s proposal won the Igartza prize and due to this prize, he wrote this novel full of science fiction, thriller, human relationships and eroticism. Karonte deals with the style and themes that we have so often seen in many films such as Blade Runner or Code 46. Sometimes, some of the situations are difficult to believe. However, this same thing happens when we see a western movie: We are no used to representing some situations in Basque. We will keep on claiming that novels such as these, that takes us from Bilbo to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Bilbo, are essential.