(un) common sounds xabier erkizia   I  xabier erkizia & asier gogortza How and why did musical concepts created some decades ago spread so much? How does this affect to the hard times that discography industry is going through? What makes authors move to share these experiences? What makes them together? What makes them apart? How do they communicate with environment? How does this relationship work? Why do they create music?
(un)common sounds is a project created as a consequence of some analysis and thoughts about the experimental creation of nowadays’ sounds. In these last years, we have reached an imaginable level of production and the last dynamics and different experiences show that they deserve a special attention from the field of artistic creations. (un)common sounds is a project that wants to reflect the relationship between artists who live different realities and the independent creation spots spread around our geography. This is an attempt for artists who live parallel realities in different places to share their works and to give a view of this big group of artists. This project, based on different specific experiences and individual attempts in each country, wants to fulfill a well-founded speech to analyze the whereabouts of the actual sonorous reality.

these are some of their plans:
- To create a flexible platform in which creators of different origins can analyze their own specific reality.
- To create a project where music topics and knowledge will be discussed.
- To propel an analysis to show the union between the creator and his environment.
- To show new points of view to contemporaries of risky musical proposals.
- To create a file that will be an example of the richness of this group.
- To create collaborations between international institutions and groups.

After our experience in Lima (Peru) last summer, the one in Arteleku will be the next act of (un)common sounds. We’ll get the chance to see: Julien Ottavi (France), Lucas Abela (Australia).

The promoters and developers of this project: Xabier Erkizia (Lesaka, 1975), Dimitris Karyofillis (Atenas, 1972), Marta Font (Barcelona, 1979).

dates: november 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.