el gusto del cloro

bastien vives · ediciones diábolo

Due to serious back pain, a physiotherapist advises the main character of this book to swim. That’s the starting point and this comic tells us a story set in a swimming pool. Uncomfortable glances in the changing rooms, the beautiful yet artificial colour of the water, the swimming pool fauna, the attraction to the gorgeous swimming instructor teaching him to swim... The whole story takes place at the swimming pool. We have no interest in life on the outside. There’s only one thing we’d criticise about this comic that’s like a Jarmusch film: it’s too short.


kontrauhina: frantziako zinema berriena

donostiako zinemaldia

This is a vital reading to deepen your understanding on what’s new in French cinema and comes form the hands of the International San Sebastian Film Festival, following on from the cycle they offered during the festival. In the world of surf, a counterwave is a powerful image. It captures the power and spectacle of two waves travelling in different directions as they smash into each other or the swirling crash of water running back into itself on breaking against the coast. This book uses this image as it gathers together and studies the different currents that were unleashed by the 1960s Nouvelle Vague movement. These different currents have been updated in contemporary French cinema and this wave of creativity is spreading out to different genres and is getting stronger by the day.


nikolas txiki. historia ezezagun gehiago

goscinny eta sempè·koro navarro eta josu zabaleta (itzul)·elkar

It’s not a new book but it was the last, for want of a better word. That’s because the adventures of Little Nicholas will live on forever. We grow up but that bright quick little boy who didn’t live in a world of magic and fantasy will always keep what we have lost within him. When writer Rene Goscinny died, many believed that Little Nicholas would disappear with him. Nevertheless, and much to the surprise of artist Sempé, Goscinny had written and stored away more Little Nicholas adventures. There are another 45 Little Nicholas stories on offer in this book. As we said, a marvelous gift for those of us who grew and were brought up with Little Nicholas.


la anatomía del diseño

steven heller

There are lots of books on design in bookshops. A lot of stuff is published on this topic and, at times, we find it difficult to distinguish between what’s on offer, all these books seem to be more and more alike. So, it seems right to present this book which is a direct answer to the aforementioned. Indeed, the most important thing we are offered by this book is the following: it shows us how one design channels the creative process of other designs. It proves that a design is influenced by others. The author speaks out on behalf of this “contamination” in this special entertaining book.