no princess at the white tower    Four years ago we got Pablo Aluadell’s first long comic, “El camino del titiritero”. At this time and for this comic he got a nomination for the new author prize in the Comic Festival of Barcelona. This year he has published his second work with De Ponent publishing house: “La Torre Blanca”. In our own opinion, this is by far much better than his first work. Behind the epic title, there is a story about the idealizations and memories of adolescence. The protagonist comes back to a town in the coast where he used to go every summer. Alaudell depicts present time with thick lines in black and white and the past with the softness of the paintbrush and the colors. However, he doesn’t show a completely idealized adolescence. Although he creates poetry with his images, it’s not an elegant and soft poetry; though reality isn’t always pleasant and indeed, the white tower is witness of reality. Alaudell keeps with accuracy the narration that the comic offers him and he makes up incredible sequences where time seems to stop for the protagonist to smell somebody’s hair or to take back a memory. He gets by really well with his own style. It might be an interesting reading for those who don’t usually read comics because what we are told in the “White Tower” happens in a very natural way.