audio elektro


“Metropolitan death”·Bcore 2005

They aren’t from Zarautz, but from Mars. This coastal band comes with a new album in which there are four new releases. There are also five mixes of these songs of people such as Undo & Vicknoise Dj’s and producers. There is an increase in the bass and the bass drum in the music of Delorean in favor of party and music. The disco ball is coming again...



“Arular”·XL Recordings 2005

This seems more a panther than a woman that jumps directly from the jungle to the studios. We have all fallen into her clutches for M.I.A. has achieved many things. She comes with a very imaginative album, an album that is difficult to classify; a fact that we lately missed. Hip hop, dance hall, electronic music and traditional sounds... when a micro becomes a weapon...



We came across Lisabö’s new projects by chance. We knew they had something in hand, but this work has been a complete surprise. There have been some changes and the structure of the band has changed. Besides, this is a special album that comes together with the offer of the Pil Pil Sessions. There are collaborations of Manta Ray, Experience and Anari...



“A certain trigger”·Warp Records 2005

This is a band who many people like and many other hate. In spite of the fact that the specialized critics have assured the continuation of their only album. Far from what is said, I want to defend their music here and now. Here there are the last rock melodies and besides, they offer a new format that others don’t do: a completely and strong one.