dear scottland... i saw you yesterday morning... arkaitz billar   Mun, I want to be Scottish!!! Yes mum, I want to be born again and in Scotland. I want to see the daubs in the toilet walls. After having formed a music band, I want to go round the world!!! Muuuuum!!! (Too late, I am going down the water closet and I am drowning in a spiral of residue...). The dirtiest toilet in scotland
We often sail in the city toilets to get lost in the night. We take a pen or a marking pen and we draw or write something in the walls of the toilet while we are having a pee or a shit or practicing sex with somebody else (this isn’t very likely to happen). In 1996 all of us rebelled with Renton thanks to Trainspotting, the film that showed the drug scene in Edinburgh. This is the first time we submerged into the dirtiest water closet in Scotland (I don’t know among which of these walls full of drawings). We are back again in the country of pipes, kilts and whisky, but this time we have been attracted by the musical echoes that come from there.
The music from this country of five million inhabitants is very intense. This article was created after we knew the project called Mylo. I was highly surprised by the “Destroy rock n’ roll” album, published by Breast Fed in 2004. It is Myles Macinnes (25 years old) behind the name of Mylo. He went into music after finishing his studies of philosophy. We get the chance of understanding electronic in a fresher and more amusing way.

We take up again the topic of toilets to talk about the Primavera Sound festival (the toilets here are inadvisable because they are made of plastic and so...) Among the big ones, we specially liked these two references: Sons & Daughters and Dogs Die In Hot Cars. They don’t have very much in common. The first ones play raw rock often with a mandolin. Their name makes reference to an Australian series of 1982. What they do has nothing to do with this, though. This is a band created in the tour of Arab Strab (Scottish too). They showed the project “Love The Cup” in Barcelona, although they had already published the album “The Repulsion Box”. Dogs Die In Hot Cars play a completely different kind of music: rock, ska and pop. “I love you ‘cause I have to” is their most known song. A ska pop hymn with schizophrenic rhythms. “Please describe yourself” is the name of their first album from 2004. However, it seems they are preparing their second one.

It is the members of Motormark who realized that the drawings of the toilets in the Basque country are all the same. They were in Bilbao few months ago. They play electronic and rock in their new album, “Chrome Tape”, published by Digital Hardcore (yes, obeying to Alec Empire).
It seems that, while writing this article, I wanted to become an interesting and cool guy by showing dark, unknown and lost toilets. However, there are other toilets where you can taste other kind of smells. Flowers, roses and the soft paper of toilets have a place: Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian or Franz Ferdinand (yes, those you saw before U2). Those who work different fields: Mogway, The Delgados (they already came apart), Nice Man (a parallel project of the drum of Teenage Club), Camera Obscura, Bis (we can find two members of this band in Dirty Hospital, with their works by the Rotten Row publishing house) etc...

The Chemikal Underground publishing house plays an important role in this. They are responsible for the creation of the The Delgados band and many other references. According to festivals, they organized Go North Festival to promote new musicians. Apart from this, there is also the T in the Park festival, an event full of widely known international artists.