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el sonido de la velocidad

sergi sánchez, pablo g. polite, héctor castell

This is a book that explores the relationship between electronic music and film. We don’t find much bibliography in this section, although the relationship of these two elements is quite old. That is exactly why “El sonido de la velocidad” is an important element. Apart from interviews to film directors and musicians, it also searches theoretic attempts.



edorta jimenezek. elkarlanean.

In this biography, Edorta Jiménez tells us about the mythic photographer Robert Capa. He is one of the creators of the Magnum agency and turned war into a photography genre. Before, no one had got so close to long trenches as he did. His work is as interesting as his own life. Being an impetuous traveler, he also visited the Basque Country and he tells us about the pictures he took in the civil war. He was very critic with his own pictures. If images didn’t have power enough, he said it was because he didn’t get close enough. In 1954 during the war in Indochina, he got too close to a mine and died. He was 41.



mathew vescovo. jorge pinto books

The author introduces himself as the Master of the Obvious. Instructoart combines the art of learning, with the art of art. Simultaneously as you are enjoying a beatiful composition you are hit with a wave of instructional enlightment. Upon viewing each piece, you will feel as though all five senses have been touched in some way, except for maybe smell and taste.


mouvement, l'indisciplinaire des arts vivants.

Culture, philosophy and social topics are the main aspects of this magazine published in Paris. However, and in the way we like, they accept any kind of proposals, not only those trendy and fashionable ones. The Mouvement magazine shows its ability to risk in the contents more than in aesthetics and apart from being informative, it has also a critic way of being. As their motto says, Mouvement indisciplinaire des arts vivants, the movement of the indiscipline of living art.