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new technologies, new businesses    You buy a piece of art but you pay for its size. You buy a digital image on the Internet but you don’t download a file to your computer. New technologies create new business and new businesses create new paradoxes. However, human beings like paradoxes. In Blaugallery.com digital works are on sale. When you buy one of them, as it is said, you don’t download a file to you hard disk, even if you could. Blaugallery knows about the material nature that human beings and trading need, so they print their digital files in cloth and put them in a framework, like usual paintings. That way you can put them on a wall on your living room. As an innovation, you can choose your paintings’ size depending on the space you have or on the amount of money you want to spend. This is one of the advantages of the digital format.

We are amazed once again by Blaugallery. The works they sale have a limited edition. How can a file that can be thousand times printed and sold be limited? They want to achieve the exclusiveness that both human beings and art industry need. Every document is printed a hundred times and signed by the author. This is not new for it is the way it always happens in silkscreen printing, engraving, etc. However, it is odd when we are talking about a file you print pushing a button, isn’t it?

We are not sure if people in Blaugallery are pioneers or shameless, but, they have gathered the advantages of typical and new formats. Still, some of their works on sale deserve to be looked at.