being anari    Anari has brought out her new 10-song album Irla izan. These ten songs bring together all the Anaris we have known up to now and show us some new Anaris, too. There's a different sound to these new songs, although they still sound typically Anari. This island of Anari's is surrounded by the sounds of the sea, storms quickly become still, the tides are strong, the strength of the waves is changeable. Even so, Anari's personality is always there. Although she admitted, during the album presentation, that she had made an effort not to take any birds to the island, there are still trees, hands, rocks, anchors, wings, time, fish, the sea, the sound of the radio, shores, precipices... in all the places there should be. We had the chance to hear the songs from Irla izan live for the first time in a concert organized by Gaztemaniak (an organization which politicians have recently decided to put on the scrap heap). It was sold out. The musicians got on the stage and, without saying a word, started sailing around the Island. And our first question came up with the first sound of the guitar:

who is Anari?
Anari is a group. The group is made up of musicians who have sailed on different seas. Mikel is the ship's drummer, Drake is the bass player, Borja plays the guitar and Anari's at the helm on guitar, the piano and voice. Karlos Txap has also taken part in this latest album on guitar and production and Maite "Mursego"'s siren-song cello is on there too. Anari is a crew. Sometimes it faces the storms with the help of the new crew-members, sometimes the helmswoman's voice takes it into peaceful waters. But's let's leave this cheap poetry to one side, it's wordy and can only make you laugh. Because Anari is a rock group. A group with a particular sound, songs and voice. And this opens the door to a second question.

an Anari without Anari?
That wouldn't be Anari. 12 years ago Anari Alberdi brought out her first, naked, amazing album and, since then, she has developed her particular career. Anari decided to stop being a solo artist and form the group Anari. Nowadays, Anari wouldn't be a group without the participants we've mentioned above. Like the Musketeers, it's all for one and one for all. But Anari Alberdi is the centrepiece of Anari, she writes the songs and gives them their voice and image.

As the concert carried on and the songs from the new album gave way to the songs from previous ones, we realised, well, in fact, we already knew that Anari has what Flamenco musicians call "duende", or magic. Something you can't define. Something that keeps people silent between song and song when nothing's been said into the microphone. Something that makes us wonder what Anari is...