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tasty breakfast    At 07:33 in the morning, at a speed of 898 kilometres per hour, 9,128 metres above Japan.
Our first breakfast in the rising sun: a cherry-topped cake wrapped in plastic, peaches in syrup, white bread, a bit of butter for the bread and the milk the air hostesses offer us for our coffee.
Completely different from what any Japanese person would have for breakfast. For instance: rice and miso soup in bowls, a bit of fish (normally raw), seaweed, soy shoots and, sometimes, milk. That's for those who don't do sumo wrestling. They really do need their breakfast because they're silent, efficient and hard-working. Small and diligent. You'd think they were robots if you didn't see them sleeping in the underground. Breakfast is essential for the Japanese: they feed and very quickly leave home, each to his or her workplace, without saying a word and in a hurry.
You need time to have a good breakfast, coffee, that essential newspaper and to have a good feeling in your stomach. And, of course, they must let us smoke in that bloody place! Otherwise, there's no point in having breakfast...
Amongst other things, we're completely awake and waiting for the day. It must be time for lunch.
We have time to think about this and many other things while we take the cherry-topped cake from it perfect prophylactic condition. The aeroplane's coffee is boiling, and we take cream in it without any doubts. We don't even dream of touching the fruit we're brought in syrup.
Ah, and a discovery: you can get addicted to Nesquik

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