mapping: transforming architecture with video projections txo!?   I  aparatti efimeri Although most people know what a DJ is, not many people know what a VJ is. Video Jockeys mix and manipulate videos live to create audio visual spectacles, often in synch with a DJ's music, sometimes alone. Although most of society doesn't know about it, VJ culture is amongst the most productive contemporary means of expression. A lot of devices, software and programing languages are brought out and used every day, and these tools and their multiple uses are continually being developed. Mapping is one of the most spectacular. Mapping always bases itself on architecture or some type of material structure. The objective is to project images and simulate forms using light on structures or buildings to bring elements out, or hide them, and transform their appearance. In this way, still and rigid stone, iron and concrete buildings become elastic and moveable.
As you'll have guessed, each mapping session is prepared for a specific place and cannot be used elsewhere. First of all, numerous studies of the building are carried out so that each image integrates with the sizes and forms there. Then it's back to the studio to prepare the images in line with each measurement and reference.
Don't be surprised if the building's windows come out, the concrete surface becomes waves or the building itself falls down during a mapping performance.

Although the only way to understand mapping and fully appreciate it is live, various different creators have uploaded videos of some of their most important sessions here: