intergenerational conversation juan g. andres   I  juan g. andres the old camera:
You, the young cameras, are given everything on a plate. It's all done for you. You have no need to focus, no need to measure light... one click and your done... you who have never been surrounded by the smell of the chemicals used to develop films, you who have never experienced the magic of photo positives in a dark room or felt joy or have been moved when you open an old photo album. When I used to take photographs at concerts when digital techniques didn't even exist...

the new camera (Interrupts the old camera delicately):
Oh Grandad, don't dish out all those old stories again. The debate between analogical and digital Is so boring, like! The emotion of pressing the button is all that matters. One 'click' and our unforgettable collection of instant photos just grows and grows. Totally cool. Who cares whether they are kept on a roll or in memory card?