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amnesic love mulder   I  aitziber alonso It seemed like easy work to me. He seemed like one of those men who think with their dicks. And that's the way he was, at least with me. I took him to bed and immediately found out that he made a note of everything obsessively in his diary. He never missed it. They paid me, but I was unable to leave. Bloody love. I was addicted to him. It was the only way to finish with somebody I loved to distraction but who paid me no attention.

I had to die to be able to remember everything. The first time I had her body, I'd already had it a million times. Her damp skin was burning and, judging by the way it moved, it looked like it was going to be for the last time. And that's the way it was, at least for me. I had to die lit up by the flickering light that came in the window to understand why she had a smoking Colt 45 in her hand. Unluckily, it was too late.