papers the balde


editorial exit

This quarterly magazine collects the artists who work on photography, video, film shots and images. Some text in English and Spanish are added to the pictures and the illustrated reports. They are still and motion images. It is worth while.


el elogio de la sombra.

junichiro tanizaki. siruela.

This publishing house, leaded by Jacobo, the son of the Alba duchess is an example for the quality of the works they choose and for the great interest in the works they design and publish. You cannot help looking at these books on a book store. This time, we chose the newly edited work of Tanizaki. While Western civilizations have a tendency to dazzle, eastern civilizations like the play of light and shadow. This is a wonderful, curious and interesting attempt.



Gorka Larrañaga/Iranixe. Autoekoizpena

It is made on a silkscreen printing paper, with an organic touch, full of images: “The remaining object seeks the imperfection and beauty of a hand-made thing; every object is unique; created for you with some mistakes. All the elements used to create this object are recycled. The use of it is up to you. During the creation, we rejected any kind of pretentious aim; we wanted to create something beautiful and different. Whatever is created from now on is your duty.” We won’t add anything else.



esku orri / flyer.

There isn’t a better way to advertise Animac, the animation festival. They have arranged the festival (using special flyers based on animation) very appropiate in this issue dedicated to origami. Paper as the base guided by fingers. Ten out of ten for the one who thought about such a curiosity.