audio elektro


The secret migration·V2 Music 2005

It seems that this American band has left behind its path and now it is looking for old melodies for their new album. As well as the piano, the guitars and drums have also been given a rise. The band keeps the psychedelic atmosphere and their symphonic compositions are less important. This is an album that reminds us of the old “Deserter’s song”.



Burga·Foehn Records 2005

There are long and instrumental songs in the new album of this band from Zarautz; songs that have to be listened to quietly. If you pay attention to this album, you’ll find out the secrets that it keeps in it. This time, they move away from the atmosphere of their last album and now, their songs show some maturity through different settings and experimentation, in a free and natural way.



S.T. ·DFA / EMI 2005

If you like dancing, this is what you were looking for. If you didn’t read the approval of the criticism by !!!, this is their alternative. James Murphy, one of the managers of the Dfa record company is the creator of this project. You’ll find this album together with their old single collection so that you can enjoy their career.



Suari darion kea·Kontrakalea / Metak

The members of this group come from villages near Ziburu. It seems they have been working on hip-hop for about a year. However, we don’t notice it when we listen to their songs. Still, these songs that we missed so much have a very high level. They follow the way that once Selektah Kolektiboa set off. In this new album, you can find Basque hip-hop with a hard core touch.