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the javi p3z olympics, just because we love “sports” elektro   I  naroa perez We’ve been rather browned off with all the football and pelota on the telly for a while now. We tried to rind an alternative in the stars of boxing and in other sports, but there was something missing. Rhythm. But not to worry, we’ve managed to find a new way to enjoy sport: The Javi P3z Orchestra.
The latest mutation of Javi P3z. As the name itself indicates, our man Javi is at the helm of an orchestra, but he has replaced the instruments you’d expect to find with electric guitars, keyboards, samplers etc… He’s got some heavyweight musicians on his side on his new project and adventurous record company Hi Top (they were responsible for unforgettable Cashba 73’s “Moods and Grooves”) from Madrid has released the record.
Summer 2004. While everybody was waiting in expectation for the Athens Olympics, the musical version of the colour-rings competition was already well underway in Donostia (San Sebastian) in June. As with everything of this nature, the results and record stem from extremely arduous training sessions. We have to go back to 2003 to find Javi P3z, fresh from training sessions with the likes of Parafúnk, Elektropez, Camping Gaz and Digi Random, in the Garate recording studios in Andoain. While Javi wrote the songs and melodies to be heard on the record, he certainly isn’t alone. The record “Sports” displays that the musicians from in and around Donostia are in fine form at the moment. Luis Camino, Mikel Abrego, Makala, Jimmy Bidaurreta, Kontrabandako Haizeak and co. worked with engineer Kaki Arkarazo in the recording study. He was also the in charge of the mixing. Latin rhythms are the backbone of the record, but here you won’t find any of the Ricky Martins or Chayans you’ll get at the Olympics’ opening ceremony. The music here is much livelier, warmer and far more danceable. You’ll find music on the record. P3z’s wild yet elegant and rascal-type identity comes across in the titles of the songs as well as in the music: Ping Pong, midi marathon, (Never mind the) bolos, etc... He pays homage to musical greats and comes up with some new sports. By mixing various samplers, the message is clearly destined to those of us who look further than betting or winning in sports. You won’t even have to wait to hear the songs live – they’ve already started touring. Galder Izagirre stands in for Mikel Abrego who is touring with Inoren Ero Ni. So, the golden days are over for Athletic, Oiarzabal and Peruena. New ways of enjoying and understanding “Sports” are here.

Donostia belongs to NYC!!!
The record strays away from current sounds in electronic.
It is far closer to the Latin melodies rife in Spanish Harlem at the moment.

Sport: something is changing
There’s no denying something in the world of sport is changing. DJ Tiesto took part in the opening ceremony for the Greek Olympic Games.
We prefer others like the blacksouled Javi P3z, who instead of adopting music to sport has succeeded in adopting sport to music.