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kite aerial photography uxeta labrit   I  peru izeta En el cielo no habrá miradas indiferentes.
(Santa Teresa de Jesús.)
When I realized I had to write a text about aerial photographs taken from a kite, I thought there were many possibilities. The poetic aspect hastily came to my mind: the sky, the eyes, the cloth, the wind, an instant hanging by a thread. However, it was absolutely necessary to make clear how these photographs get accomplished, the technical aspect. It was entirely essential to explain how Peru Izeta placed a timer in a camera made of cardboard and paper, attached it to the kite, blew it away in the wind and guided it. But how did this come to his mind? When did he start? Yes, you are right; that is part of the historical aspect. We must make a reference to the French Arhur Batut... I suddenly realized I was using words in vain. Shouldn’t images speak for themselves? There are answers and information to the facts I mentioned on the web page below. Once we understand the words of Santa Teresa de Jesus and stop the flow of words, we will follow the thread of the kite and place our up in the sky.