la sombra del viento.

carlos ruiz zafón · planeta

Carlos Ruiz Zafón has combined both high quality literature and a popular best seller in his last novel. The story captures the reader. It is skillfully written and full of attractive situations and images. It has been very successful in Europe and it has reached its 42nd edition. In the cover, the publishing house has written the name of the writer much bigger than the title. This makes clear that this galactic publishing house keeps on trying to produce literature stars.


habeko mik; euskal komiki ahalegina.

juan manuel díaz de guereñu · astiberri/deustuko unibertsitatea

The “Habeko Mik” magazine that HABE, an institution which belongs to the Basque Government, once created is quite old. It was produced not only as pedagogic material for adults but also as a way to foster the Basque comic. Many years later, this book is willing to review the effort and achievements that it once made and to put comic in the place it deserves within the history of comic. The book, which contains an important part of this history, is full of data and anecdotes. Besides, it is easy to read.


euskal herria eta festa

juan antonio urbeltz / santiago yaniz · elkarlanean

The cover of the book explains that it is not one of those trifling books full of stunning photographs and traditional texts. However, the foundation of the analysis is based on anthropological and ethnological fiestas. We would be grateful for a deeper remark on the globalization of the fiestas we nowadays live, but probably this is not the aim of the book. Nevertheless, it presents the break with some of the axioms and myths we often relate to the concepts of fiesta and carnival. You just have to take notice of the cover: A traditional red Basque beret and another type of cap or hat over it.


asian bondage.

steven speliotis · goliath

There are long ropes all around Asian women’s bodies. Some of our erotic desires are accomplished in black and white photographs. The Japanese have been developing the aesthetic, erotic and artistic aspect of this activity for centuries: different types of knots and the choreographies that the rope and the naked bodies create. To dominate or to be dominated, to tie or to feel tied… who doesn’t enjoy this kind of things? At least, thanks to the Goliath publishing house we get hotter than a sauna in hell.