eye talk harkaitz cano   “eyes, no lies” the old adage goes 1/ And I ask myself why it’s always much easier for us to lie to brown eyes than it is for us to lie to somebody with clear blue eyes. Maybe it’s because when we are looking into brown eyes, we feel as if we are in the middle of a dark tunnel, and a liar can easily escape in the comfortable alibi offered by darkness. So as not to get caught perhaps? Because blue eyes are constantly lit by the lights hanging from the ceiling in an interrogation room?
The mahogany coloured writing desk and the aged frames of the university diplomas hanging on the walls are the natural habitat of the dark eye. The owner of those dark eyes is quite close to the world of molluscs, they close in on themselves, as if they were a snail. When we wake up, the dinosaur there is still calm. They’re eyes that were made to stare, onlookers not to be looked upon. They are the eyes of a voyeur... not a chance... they suck and feast: just like the spiral curves of a snail’s shell, they gulp down everything they see. They guard something dark and hidden and they do not want to set it free. Even though you may try to get behind that look, we never get to see just exactly what it is there in that black hole.

2/ Smooth stones from a mountain river here. On the right, veins that shoot up like red smoke: red smoke like archaeology in the eyes. Rolling Stone eyes, spent, worn, dipped in and out of water many times. Someone takes them on the river bank and skips them across the water two or three times, until they get that smooth river finish.
In "Go West", the Marx brothers chop up all the wooden walls and furniture in all the carriages on a train to keep the steam engine firing. These eyes do exactly the same thing: to save themselves, over the years they have burnt up all of the unnecessary baggage they were carrying. That’s where you get ringed-looking gannets, the trenches in the eyes’ rearguard.

3/ “Be wary of blue eyes!” was the message Tristan Tzara used to finish one of his dadaist poems.
We digress. Let us return to the subject of lies. Why is it so difficult to lie to a pair of blue eyes? Is the clearness of the eye a mirror to us all? Can you not lie to the calm ocean and the blue sky?
An atheist friend of ours has recently decided to get baptised so as to be able to marry in a church. His father got mad on him: “You resisted and fought for so many years and now you want to be baptised?”. The answer: “But if the enemy is blonde and has blue eyes...” The father once again: “More than likely they’re a fascist: should be taken out and shot.” The truth is, however, that when our friend first saw those blue eyes, they were baptised already. All fathers should understand that.
The owner of a pair of blue eyes knows too well they are being looked at. Sure how wouldn’t they have somebody always staring at them, with their two LA swimming pools shimmering in their face? We think we can dip our toes in and touch the bottom, but that’s an optical illusion. A trap. We’re soon in over our necks. Just listen to what Joseba Sarrionandia has to say about it: “As by swimming I cannot reach / the black islands of your eyes / I scorch my poems / in their whites.”

4/ The explosiveness of them. Radioactive. Hiroshima style eyes. Storm-stricken lightening rods. The ovule just rammed by the blockhead sperm. The shuddering strength of conception. Those that have an explosive look in their eyes are bound to be explosive as well. Van Gogh would dip his brush into these wells of colour if he had them at hand, and later paint sunflowers. You’re better off not arguing with the owner of these eyes that look like Jupiter’s satellites either. They seem to say: “I’m here, this is what I am, I don’t hide my faults, I have no need to hide my virtues.”
More than one doubt springs up: where is the pilot of the plane that dropped the bomb on these Hiroshima style eyes? What colour eyes did that pilot have? And above all: did they close at least one of those eyes, in order to get at better aim at what they were firing at?.

Multiple Reflex Iridiology
by: F. Javier Echavarren Lezaun. Javier I. Echavarren Otin

1.- 43 YEARS. MALE.
Morbose and Poor Circulation Iridian Genotype. It affects especially his articulations. He is having lumbar pains. His upper and lower limbs go to sleep. He has tendency to suffer from arthritis. He has had some colds from which he hasn’t recovered well and so he has a stain in his lung. He had otitis when he was a child. If you have Morbose and Poor Circulation Genotype affecting your articulations and bones and if you don’t have an appropriate nutrition and a healthy way of living, most of the times you are about to suffer from arthritis at an early age.

Nervous physical constitution. She had a car accident some time ago and this affected her lower limbs. As she suffers from poor circulation in her bones, the trauma was bigger. Besides, she got a virus in an operating room. As a consequence, her bones ache frequently.
She has intestine inflammation due to nervous disruption associated with poor circulation.
She often goes through pain in her left eye because of a genetic weakness.

Her genetic tendency reveals she has disruptions coming from the Circle of beads Iridian sign. It also lets us know she has disruption in the adipose tissue with a tendency to suffer from cholesterol when she gets old.
Besides, the relationship between the circle Sarta sign and gaps and bad perspiration in the topographic area of the lung causes her constant colds. Her backbone is weak, especially in her lumbar area where she has severe pain.

4.- 39 YEARS. WOMAN.
Cervical arthropathy which becomes evident by the Mancha and Lacuna signs. She suffers from pain in the respiratory tract, especially in the bronquial tube and the lungs, due to the Canal and Laguna signs.
She has heartburn because of the Cuña and Poor Circulation signs; intestinal atony caused by the Lacuna sign and weakness in her lower limbs.
The Lacuna signs have a genetic origin and show in the first months of life. They reveal which parts of the body are the weakest.