audio elektro


Dj kicks·!K7/Satélite K 2004

Daddy G has seen light in this album. The rest of the members of Massive Attack left him in the shadow for a long time. Now, with the initiative of Dj Kicks, he has been able to fulfill this album. We come across a demonstration of black music that includes soul, hip hop, reggae or trip hop. Foxy Brown, Tricky, Melaaz, Johnny Brown, Aretha Flanklin, Massive Attack… a mixture of many periods and generations in just one album.



Mentura·Noiz pop 2004

This Biscayan band keeps on searching for new sounds without putting aside the melodies of the 80’s that they are so fond of. Although they still make use of electronic settings, they have handed in an unusual proposition: versions of some of Itoiz and Joy Division’ songs, new releases and some arrangements of their old songs. There are 10 songs in all; 10 reasons to run away from daily life.



Inspiración, espiración·¡Ya basta! 2004

Philippe Cohen Solal has taken the responsibility for accomplishing this new album. We can understand this in two ways: on the one hand, we find influences of Astor Piazzola, Carlos Gardel, African roots...; on the other, there are some consequences: the versions that bands such as Calexico and Antipop have made of the songs of the Parisians. As a gift: the danceable “La cruz del sur” and the video of the song “Sentimentale”. A record to bring Buenos Aires close to our living room.



Satan´s circus ·Drone/Pias 2004

I don’t know where the members of this band will hide themselves after the publication of this record. Some people will understand it as a step backwards in their career. All of the songs are purely instrumental. They have recorded the somber melodies they had never worked on. However, there are some others who think that new doors will open; those of a lab where they can search for new melodies. Besides, they have included the best song they have ever created: “Ein for die damen”. We shall start our search in hell.