polaroid hospital igor etxabe   I  igor etxabe I don’t feel comfortable at all with a tube hanging from my wrist. The occasion, though, is perfect to take a picture. Nere, would you take that camera? Put the wheel in P position and take a picture of this arm...

The walls of this hospital need to be decorated. Will the picture of the arm help?

If someone comes to visit me, he should know at least my room number.

If someone... does anybody remember me? Now that I am here with a tube. I will phone them to know when they are coming.

No mum, I am not in the ER, but in room 240. I told you before in my pictures. Hey, hope you can come to see me; I need you to pamper me.

How can room 240 be on the third floor? Go down to the second floor by elevator.

We should learn how to speak in silence. Everyone in the hospital is listening to our conversation. I know we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but speaking out loud won’t make us speak faster.

Until you came, Nere was here with me, but I got really bored. See how much I read.