dave cooper, flesh in comics txo!?   At the end of 2004, “La Cúpula” publishing house published one of those little treasures that it usually offers: “Succión; El estatus de Basil” (“Suckle, the Status of Basil”), one of Canadian Dave Cooper’s works. Dave Cooper moves away from realistic works towards iconography and then provides volume and texture to the characters created before in an icon shape. In Cooper’s comics, apart from the story, it is the flesh, the eyes and the sweat that set up the context. If the main character is worried, a round bead of sweat will fall from his forehead; kisses are damp, animals and plants organic, bottoms are fleshy, teardrops are round, gum tissues completely red and women... women are sensual, strong, ugly, authoritarian, nice and soft.
However, in Cooper’s comics, women have a special place (as well as in his paintings; this Canadian drawer, apart from his comics and illustrations, makes a living by selling oil paintings). Women usually have wide bottoms and legs, the way Robert Crumb would do, but in this case, they are more important within the story. Even when the protagonist is male, he is quite silly and wretched. Women play the role of devil and angel, create his fears and calm his nightmares. Women illuminate his path.
The fact that Cooper’s stories are set in a future of fantasy is as important as sex. Disease, trauma and violence are often present, even violence towards children. Sometimes, it may seem he is insane, but if you read one of his interviews, you will be sure he is not; for it is quite hard to keep simplicity when dealing with this kind of topics. Is comic a way to stay sane?

This isn’t the first time we approach his work. “La Cúpula” has already published “Escombros; el status de Knuckle” (Crumple; the status of Knuckle) and “Dan & Larry”, as part of Brut collection. Considering today’s economic situation, these are remarkably cheap.