animac arteleku the balde   February 24 to 27. Lleida. Animac animation festival. A week later, some of the films and the most interesting projects will be shown and experienced in Arteleku. From the first day of mach until the 5th Roger Rabbit and his friends will turn Arteleku into Toon Town. The animation film planet is completely changeable. However, these changes have some advantages. They are not like the space units that are sent thousand kilometers far and land in an unknown crater. They can return to the starting point, to the basis because they never stop looking back, unlike many other fields. New technologies and traditional, simple animations come together. The eleven computers that Pixar use for each film cannot replace the animation recorded photogram by photogram in a super 8.
In the ninth ANIMAC festival, Vuk Jevremovic, Christine Panushka, Gul Ramani, Brett Ingram, Alex Mendizabal and Blanca Palou will show their rich and complete works. People will enjoy typical projects along with those which belong to the margins of the animation discipline. All of them have one common feature: they manipulate photograms in terms of time and show them as interpretations of art.
In this year’s festival, enjoy: Animation films from India, animations made out of silhouettes, an exhibition of recent works, experimentation, retrospective visions and last year’s most interesting products.