hoggboy the balde   Do you like to do interviews via e-mail or do you rather prefer doing interviews face to face?
It depends who is doing the interview. Some people you get a real bond with and you can chat for hours about anything and some people are more difficult to talk too. E-mail is good because I can do this interview from my house in Sheffield on a Sunday afternoon.

It´s only rock and roll but we like it... why we really love your music?
I think its because it does what it says on the tin. We’re a rock and roll band and were all real people. There’s no bull shit with us we are who we appear to be and our album is very good.

People who know about music usually says that the second album is always a transition... why your album doesn’t feel like that for us?
We couldn’t afford the luxury of a transitional album so we decided to write album 3 as album 2. I don’t know maybe we’ll release album 2 in a couple years just to see what would have happened. I think we’ve moved on from OR8 and it really wasn’t that difficult. We just went in the studio and wrote a bunch of songs and that was that. Its a better record and sounds as though the transition went on while we were on tour not in the studio.

Could you tell us the difference between Or8? And 7 miles of love?
I had 25 years to write our first album 'OR8' and only 12 months to write the second '7 miles of love'. This meant I was writing about things that were happening to us at the time rather than things that had happened in the past. We spent last year touring all over the world so the majority of the album is about things that happened to us while on tour. We were also asked to write some songs for the film '400 boys' so some of the songs are written from my interpretation of what that film was going to be like.

I´ve read... I don´t remember where... ”they aren´t the new hope of pop music... they are making rock’n’roll to be listened in high volume... they are not like british people...” what do you think about it?
We do make rock and roll music that of course should be listened to at high volume but we also have a pop element to our songs. I write melodies and with out melodies I'm unable to write. I know that we are all British people and I feel we behave in a way that is British to some degree.

Are you interested in any English band?
Yeah man. The Clash, The Sex pistols, The Stones, David Bowie, Joy Division, T Rex, The Kills, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, P J Harvey, The Fights, Richard Hawley, The Cherokees.

You have been doing more miles than Willy Fog, from gig to gig. How do you feel after that?
Tired. Travelling to gigs in a hot air balloon is not ideal. There's not a lot of room in those things and they’re not that fast.

Are you feeling as a very important band after having a fan club in Japan?
Japan was an amazing experience. We arrived at our hotel after a 16 hour flight to be greeted by fans wanting autographs. It was quite mental. Our hotel was very close to the venue we were playing so of course we walked to and from the gig. We were mobbed on the way to sound check, on the way back from sound check, on the way to the gig and on our way back from the gig. Even as we left for the airport to come home there were fans waiting to say goodbye and thank you for playing in Tokyo. The whole Japan experience was one of the maddest things I've ever done I can’t wait to go back!

What do you think about Bilbao?
We like Bilbao, we’ve played here a couple of times now and had a great response both times. Also the wine is very cheap so we can bring loads back to the UK which is nice.