story of surf culture

drew kampion & bruce brown

This proposition is far away from a technical book of surf. This book is dedicated to the culture the surf has created around itself. The book is the reflection of the different generations of surfers. Thanks to the pictures it is easy to see the development of these who have played with the waves. We can often read in the texts though , the stale topics about surfers and this is not fair for the surfers of our coast who everyday get out of the factory and change their working blue clothes for the one of wetsuit.


spam poems

castillo suarez · elkar

The refrains of advertisements seen in the bus stops or the publicity that appear in our postboxes are often spam poems. Castillo Suarez has gathered spam poems in this book. The ones that suddenly appear without asking permission. Suarez´s poems have no scarf, no bohemian, no pose. There is no declaration of poetry. It is just poetry. Iban Zaldua wrote the prologue although he says “I do not trust poets much” and when someone who doesn´t trust poets, takes note of one of them, it is usually a good sign.


la espinaca de yukiko & mariko parade

frederic boilet · ponent mon

Nouvelle manga. This is the name given to some graphic novels coming from Japan. This genre, which lumps together the rhythm of the Nouvelle Vague cinema from France and the Japanese comics, has the best reflection on the work of a French who lives in Japan. Frederic Boilet is the name of the creator and his two jewels are La espinaca de Yukiko and Mariko Parade, These two books test that the language used in comics is different and peculiar; different to the one used in the cinema or literature. Two treasures. Do not ask me for them. I won´t let them to anyone.


tocándome los cojones

jaime centurión · ediciones la palma

It is a travel book but not an usual one. The title shows clearly that Jaime Centurión doesn´t have an orgasm with the preattiness of the views or the discoveries of different cultures. Smily baddies, hot beer and insatiable women found in the highway. The stories of Centurión have no moral hypocrisy. He calls black to the black and bitch to the bitch. The usual sours will consider Jaime Centurión as machist, racist and a son of a bitch. He may be as Centurión´s book is as life is.