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Sonic nurse · Geffen

Ok. It is not so difficult to write songs. But why do I reach this conclusion when listening to the new work of Sonic Youth and not with other works? For example: “Stones” the fifth song. Soft beats of a drum and louder, a single guitar. Somewhere else, that riff we got once or that is what it seems at least. But no matter. This “Sonic Nurse” starts with Kim Gordon (for example in “Pattern Recognition” there is the combination of Velvet Underground and the guitar of the first -and last- years of PJ Harey). And at the end the sweet and at the same time desperating “Peace Attack”. All in between is worthy but it is clear that Sonic Youth is the best group which has received the influence of Sonic Youth´s ghost. Many happy returns.



The Cure · Geffen

Each last new record of the group The Cure brought the suspicion of being the last one.The declarations of Robert Smith and his collaborations in other records fortified this suspicion. But as it seems not only has not the group ended but they have also started from the very beginning, as we find them newer than ever before.They have left away the gothic ornaments of previous works and as a result they have released the best record for a long time. A record which can be compared to the one of the 80`s. We hope their new songs to be appreciated in their concerts, so that the group colours their always pale live concerts in. (Benicassim 2002 for example).



The Outernational Sound · Eighteenth Street Lounge

Finally it is going to be true. Rob Garza and Eric Hilton are better listeners than musicians. They are priceless as Selekta, as they showed us the stamp of basic jazz in that “Songs from the Verve”. At this time too the gleam of the new record lays more in the selection of the songs than in the remix works. Everything seems organic even if there is a soft electronic backround. Similar to Grenouille of Patrick Süskind, they have the finest nose and while others in their trial of being sweet and sophisticated end being boring naif, they succeed in finding the correct proportion of each element and creating for a snap of time scents which are unique in the world. Moreover it seems they do it easily.



Franz Ferdinand · Domino Records

The moment of composed words: Franz Ferdinand was an austro-Hungarian archduke whose assassination broke out the 1st World War. This fact does not show the type of music the group plays but as these 40 minutes are receiving high praises everywhere, it is not worthless to know something else about this scottish group. They have enough with these 40 minutes to make us clear they know how to compose extraordinary melodies and guitar solos, although their influences (Talking Heads, Paul Weller, the Strokes...) are sometimes too evident. After the explotion of the Hype and while smoke vanishes, we will clearer than ever see that something will remain afterwards. A group that makes good use of their abilities and that knows how to hide their lacks.