nuevo catecismo católico/ncc, with loyalty to rock’n roll teresa sala   I  yudania Fun. Manners. Rock´n´Roll. Music. NCC. O nuevo Catecismo Católico. A mockery to the doctrine. Irony. 'cause it´s free. Survival of being and way of acting. Honest. Rock´n´Roll. Again: It´s already twelve years. In 1992, when the desire of sin was there the Vatican published the New Christian Catecism. They found the news funny and decided to baptize the group with the same name. Why not. Being practical, The NCC letters offered a stop to be used. Moreover “Lords of the new church”, “Blue Oyster cult”, “God” or “New Christs” were written in the memory of rock. Each one understand, if one can or wants, the story of being a sinner. "We don´t look for the appreciation of people, neither for the economical benefits. We are not followers of superiority. We have got enough with knowing where we want to be. Perhaps if we behaved another way, we would reach further. But we might not be playing together. The biggest happiness is to see that you are capable of being a creator on your own". In Gonzalo Ibañez´s opinion there lays the satisfaction of being a rocker and doing Rock´n´Roll. One of them thinks about what to be a fond of rock or a rocker means. It is clear there is something which triumphs over jeans, leather jackets, boogie shoes, haircuts or watchword called Ramones. And there is. “It is the communion among some specific people. There are some who gather together thanks to the bicycle or chess, music joins us. This may have esthetic implications but they are not necessary. To feel happy with yourself and with what you do is what actually gives sense. Some think we are a senseless group but we are happy with what we are and to tell the truth we have found nothing better".

Nowadays after suffering some changes, there are five components in the group: Gonzalo and Arturo Ibañez, Iker Illarramendi, Eneko Etxeandia eta Arturo Zumalabe. Friends who met each other in the old rooms of the school of Buenavista. They have already seven LPs, some collections, hundred of concerts, and each one of the group the hard experience of having been in some other groups. Now they have at hand rehearsals, concerts and a trip to Europe. For the future, more concerts, new record, rehearsals... Music. And the pleasure of music is enough to continue with this. Actually NCC does not have this as a job but as a passion, as the key and way of flying away from routine. “If music were our profession, we might not have so much fun. When the rest of the fields of life turn repulsive, we hold on the music. There it is where we find sense. We love music but there are also things that are not nice around it.”
This way they don´t want to listen to words such as manager, promotion or contracts. In October they will step different stages and when asked which objective they look for, the answer is clear: “We mainly go to have fun, we do not expect a warm answer from the audience as they do not know us in Europe. We want to see how Europe is and how we get along in Europe. The journey of October has been arranged by friends. “We are going to be helped by people who don´t work for money but because they want to”. NCC will visit among others Barcelona, some cities of Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium or the south of France. Having stolen the words of some critics and supporters: we may say that Europeanswill have the chance of trying an excellent punk-rock. They are going there and they will directly been introduced. Their music. And attitude. Enjoy it!

“Nuevo Catecismo Católico” 1993
“En llamas” 1995
“Aún no habéis visto nada” 1996
“Generación perdida” 1998
“To hell and back” 1999
“Scarred for life” 2001
“100% Punk Rock Superfight”. Record produced together with the group Safety Pins. 2003

In october NCC will visit different european countries. You´ll find the datas of this tour on the NCC web page: