Suitcases of the desert dejabü panpin laborategia
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Axeri: Kattalin, why don´t we buy a rucksack for our yourneys?
Kattalin: Because suitcases are much more poetic, Axeri.
Axeri: How can a six year old naughty boy use those words? Where did you learn them, at school?
Kattalin: No I didn´t. Grandpa teaches me. And my grandpa knows a lot about suitcases because he had to use them a lot in the Civil World. He told me there are two kinds of suitcases : The light ones and the heavy ones.
Axeri: Only two?
Kattalin: Yes. The suitcases of the journeys we choose are light while the ones of compulsory journeys become too heavy.
Axeri: How prosthetic!
Kattalin: I´ve told you.

Axeri: How could I know the the Saharauian don´t live in the Sahara?
Kattalin: Axeri only if you read the newspapers...!
Axeri: Read them? But aren´t they used to wrap sandwiches?