la transformación

alexander drake·editorial zoe

This book is set in Donostia, Barcelona eta San Francisco. The stories are told on different planes and this will lead the reader from one place to another. la Trasformacion is journey through sex. The journey of a man who one morning wakes up with a woman's body. The main character here has been luckier than Gregor Samasa from Kafka's Metamorphosis. Just imagine how many angles open up from this idea. Well, all that you can imagine and more happen here. A risky, lascivious and different book p[published by an independent book company.


el mundo sobre ruedas

albert casals·ediciones martínez roca

This book of travels by young writer Casals was one of the biggest sellers at the last Sant Jordi Book Fair. Albert Casals has travelled all over the world since he was 14. He has visited more than 25 countries in his wheelchair. Spending barely anything, he has managed to turn his disadvantages to his advantage. Refined to a wheelchair as a result of leukaemia, this 18-year- old never carries around a mobile phone because "I always end up losing it." Believe it or not, but not all of his adventures on his travels have been happy ones... "The couple of times I was almost killed, I wasn't too please... Imagine the rest for yourself.


quinquis del 80


The exhibition organised by the CCCB contemporary arts centre has been incredibly successful. We don't have to travel to far in time in the journey on offer here. Most of us have experienced what's on show here. For the very young of you out there, it could be very handy for you to get your hands on this catalogue published in Spanish and Catalan to see where the basis for the show ̈Callejeros ̈ comes from. The names and surnames change but social exclusion, misery, marginalisation and violence have long been deeply rooted in our society is clearly proven by this project.


soireé tapas. pintxos modernes et insolites de donostia

josema azpeitia salvador, haizea parot (itzul)·ttarttalo argitaletxea

Bar-hopping is one of our traditions. That said, our delicacy-tasting jaunts our becoming prohibitively expensive. This book is the result of a long series of visits to bars that have developed the idea of the tapa. Say 'The Basque Country' and people immediately associate it with bombs and tapas. Whether we like that or not is a different question altogether... but there is no disputing they have been
our ambassadors throughout the world these last few years.