rightfighters, martial arts sub-genre in the USA nscanito   Asian Communists and Islamic terrorists are infamous but there is a smiling grandpa among them though. And those Miyagi (dar cera, pulir cera) cloned zipaian will show all their secrets to the villainous Yankee. This way the villainous Yankee will fulfill his bloody vendetta by doing in all USA enemies. That is the Tao of the USA martial arts sub-genre. From the times of Reagan to the autoparody and back to the movies with Bush?
Chuck Norris and his aped “rightfighters”, defenders of the American democracy, will take the policy of the actor-president to the movies. After being beaten they'll go back to Vietnam to punish the Communists. They'll do in the Islamic terrorists before Disneyworld is blown up and they will once again reject an invasion from the Russians. Later, the Communists will become friends and softer fighters such as Seagal or Van Damme will show up. The former more prone to ecology than the German Greens and the latter exerting violence through autoparody. In the last years these “rightfighters” have taken up the mood of cops and rappers to deal with mischievous Mafia guys and corrupt officers. Some others, take -Walker-TV series i.e., have moved to television to defend Indians. But beware, the chances are that they'll go back to the big screen with the so-called Islamic terrorism and... ay... ay

American Pedagogy and demagogy
I saw all these movies as a kid and still more than once. Now, I'm not an American marine and I don't pretend my neighbor Amed to do a sexual pyramid. For those broad bean flower extreme right wing movie makers propaganda is a martial art. Seeing Chuck Norris using “mawasi” to draw cavity fill from a Chinese colonel or the siren Ariel singing (debaho del marlll) with her crustaceans is just the same. Both scenes are meant for kids. There is a problem though: USA kids are between 5-65.

When they show these movies on TV, there's always a mysterious disposition to do so...
You won't find most of these “Rightfighters” in video games. Go to a big city; pick the gloomiest video club in the shabbiest slum and there you'll find our heroes with the starred banner ready to defend us from Communists, the Mafia or Islamic backpackers. Another chance to see these movies? Same time, same night, same bar, same people and having to do the same talk! Stay at home and switch on TV. -God bless America ! -So!

Renown Rightfighters: Chuck and Aaron Norris, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Dudikoff, Cynthia Rothrock, Don "The Dragon" Wilson...