pap the balde

eguzki beltzaren sekretua

alberto ladrón arana · elkar

This is a novel of espionage and adventure. It’d be the kind of book to fire the interest for reading of a teenager. For more experienced readers, it’d be a story to while away the time during a long trip. Eguzki beltzaren sekretua belongs to the best-seller or entertainment genre, a somewhat rare product in Basque literature. It’s a spy story with an esoteric twist, an entertaining movie-like novel.


eta handik gutxira gaur

eider rodríguez · susa

In this book Eider Rodriguez has compiled 16 short stories. We say stories rather than tales for most of them lack the round-off element and the morality of tales. Sarrionaindia, the well-known Basque writer, says in the foreword that the author writes about phantoms. Often the impression is different: that precisely the writer is the ghost entering the lives of the characters, which seem so real. A ghost that suddenly approaches the characters’ realm and for a short while looks at their life. The narratives do not need fireworks nor special effects to light the readers’ feelings.


la estancia

lorenzo mattotti · sinse ntido

Sinse ntido editions, specialised in comics, offer us here a reproduction of one of the Italian drawer Lorenz Matai’s notebooks. Throughout the eighty pages there are just drawings of a couple in bed. Though there are only drawings, when the reader goes through them it gives rise to some sort of a story. Each reader will make up his/her own story. Mattotti is a great drawer and La estancia is a pocket-size art exhibition.




Though the books brought out by the German publishers Taschen are sometimes repetitive and somewhat shabby, in the case of the Icons collection it’s a surprise for the readers’ eyes. The topics are varied and extreme but the pictures stand out. Pieces on paper where aesthetics is paramount. They’re books to be looked at, little gems, fast and published with care. Moreover, prices cater for everyone’s budgets, little luxury books at popular prices.