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logela multimedia makala   Originated in Elorrio, the core of the Logela Multimedia group is made up by Imanol Garaizabal "Lo-6" (graffiti-maker and designer), Ander Garaizabal "Lo-8" (musician) and Gorka Molero "Lo-4" (musician). Mustn’t forget that according to the different projects they get involved in, they have lots of different collaborators. Basically, the people in Logela aim at bringing multimedia projections on to the stage, that is, work on stage as if it were an interactive CD-Rom. They’ve been working on this escenic project for quite a bit and they’ve toured around the Basque Country with “Belarritakora sartu”, “Link Kontzert” and “Ohe handi bat”. Also, they’ve produced several projects in DVD format. On the other hand, every spring (around May) they organise an ‘Indoor Breakdance Contest’. In this article we will deal with some of the group’s projects: Belarritakora sartu – Non Demontre
The Non Demontre rock band was formed about ten years ago in Elorrio. Since then they’ve released two works, a rough-cut and a record, the latter in the year 2000. Both the disk and the web site offer an interactive videoclip based on the song “Kaxa hermetikoa”. This is how they explain it:’…There are several stories. The audience can guide and direct the main characters. Interactivity is the chief element in Belarritakora. During the ten years, they’ve given quite a few concerts, but their present project is a show where theatre, rock and pictures mix to offer a multimedia display.

Link Kontzert
If anybody told you before what the script of the Link project was like, you just wouldn’t believe it. The point is, on one hand there is a four-piece orchestra playing classical music, specifically Mozart’s complete works; there’s also a camera recording live the musicians’ pictures and the mike sound; these signals are transferred 200 mts. away on to a stage. On stage a Dj mixes the audio with electronic music of different kinds: drum ‘n’ bass, trip-hop... Also a video-j. does much of the same with the pictures, mixing them up with 3D and sketch effects. The result achieved by Link Concert is a double viewing, both different, in one project framework, creating a link between them.

A Big Bed
"Music, design, infography and interaction from the multimedia bedroom is a blend. Three stories are told in the scent they share. First comes the one of the blind around his living area. Secondly, the northbound train trip to foster graffiti. Thirdly, a trip by car to the south, the opposite way black immigrants usually take. In search of the scent, those three trips will get together in the same bed. ", that is the text that comes in the synopsis in the jacket of the DVD. I recently had the chance of watching the show "Ohe handi bat" in Donostiako Gazteszena and it goes beyond the synopsis. Several elements are blended on stage: to start with an actor with a dog pretending to be blind, then a graffiti designer acting live with the spray, a whirling break dancer, a video technician projecting videos in two different screens, on one of them the narration of three different stories and on the other visual sketches, and finaly two musicians, playing live, using different instruments (burniak, txalaparta, computer, rhythm box, guitars, bass, voice). Worth seeing.

Break on stage
Before "Aretoko Breakdance Lehiaketa" was held together with Logela in Elorrioko Arriola Kultur Areto. In 2002 the first contest was held with the best groups of the state. Last year the event was replayed with great celebration. This year, with a change in the name ("Break on Stage"), a step farther has been taken and it has been celebrated in Euskalduna Jauregia, matching it with the most renown contests in Europe. Congratulations!